Common Reasons to Tattoo

Here are some common reasons people give to getting tattooed. Whether its legitimate or not, well, just use it to get a laugh or two, eh?


For certain people who feels insecure about themselves, tattoos help them to feel confident/beautiful.


Tattoo as a remembrance of a person, place or event.


Tattooing for the sake of looking cool or different from the pack.


When the body hurts, the soul stops hurting. A reason to make a memorable and beautiful reminder to oneself.


Because of love…


Just to know how much it really hurts.


A friend for life. A tattoo will never leave or forsake you. You can cry your heart out and it will always be there to silently comfort and stay by your side.


No one will be with me for life. Only can a tattoo till death shall we part.


Because of my child. After my children grows up and moves away, my tattoo will remind me of the bygone memories.

Morally supreme:

Because of religion or beliefs.

Mother of all reasons:

To cover up scars, or stretch marks from a pregnancy. A tattoo can beautify the body’s appearance.

A walk down memory lane:

To mark the march into adulthood.

Most astonishing reason:

Tattooing is highly addictive. The kind of pain and adrenaline rush makes for the most delightful indulgence.

Self delusional:

With tattoos, I look tougher. Which means lesser chance of getting bullied.