How to care for your new tattoo?

A tattoo is a minor surgical procedure. Any good tattoo is the result of an artist’s and your aftercare regime. Therefore, what makes a good tattoo is dependent on how well you care for it; especially during the initial healing phase.Having said that, not many are following a proper aftercare regime, resulting in the formation […]

Common Reasons to Tattoo

Here are some common reasons people give to getting tattooed. Whether its legitimate or not, well, just use it to get a laugh or two, eh? Straightforward: For certain people who feels insecure about themselves, tattoos help them to feel confident/beautiful. Meaningful: Tattoo as a remembrance of a person, place or event. Idiotic: Tattooing for […]

Good Luck Tattoos

Maneki-Neko (The following is an opinion piece written by Apple Qu) With over 400 years in its development, the “good luck cat” or “Maneki-neko” in Japanese has evolved into an almost omnipotent being with a wide variety of look, expression, colours, and even sizes! Today, some of the more popular variety includes: festive-neko, four-seasons-neko, eclipse-neko, […]

What are American Traditional Tattoos?

A lot of people do not appreciate the significance of Traditional American design. Many individuals, who are not familiar with this genre, tend to picture this style as cartoonish or even childish. Far from it, traditional designs are one of the most popular genres available. This article will help you overcome this stereotype, and introduce […]

The Real Value of a Tattoo

By Apple Qu (21-December-2011) In a more pragmatic sense, “how much is a tattoo worth?” After arriving in Singapore for a few years, I have been fortunate enough to have encountered folks of every race and culture during the course of my work here in Familiar Strangers Tattoo Studio. I’ve met Caucasians, Indians, Malays, Chinese, […]