Apple Qu is the Best Female Tattoo Artist in Singapore. With over 10 years of tattooing experience, she has been rated as Singapore’s Best Tattoo Artist with a wide following of fans from celebrities, public figures, pop stars, and the everyday individuals. Her forte includes American Traditional, Chinese Painting, Abstract Designs, Custom Work and Cover Ups. Her greatest pride is in having developed her own unique  Qu-style of Water Color Tattoos!


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Memory Lane Tattoo Studio, established in 2014, is Singapore’s first family owned studio to pioneer the family-style tattooing experience. Immerse yourself in an artistically rich environment while getting inked by the best of the best female tattoo artist in Singapore!


CONGRATULATIONS! You have found Apple Qu – the best tattoo artist in Singapore by ratings!

Apple is Memory Lane’s Artistic Director and Asia’s Best Female Tattoo Artist by ratings.

With over a decade’s worth of tattooing experience, she has been interviewed by various media from magazines, radio, television and other media outlets.

Her clientele includes royalty, celebrities, diplomats, and the every day Joe. Her favourite styles include: oriental watercolor design, black and grey work, fontography, new school and many others. Apple’s specialty includes her unique fusion of traditional Chinese watercolor painting style tattoos.


Open letter from one of the best female tattoo artist in Singapore:

  First, I would like to apologise to all my supporters and friends. It may have appeared that I’ve vanished from the tattoo scene since 2009. Many of you have been trying to contact me these past few years to no avail.

Some even speculated that I have given up on tattooing, or even worst, simply left the artistic path. In truth, these past few years I have simply vanished from the Chinese media, because I’ve left China and travelled to English-speaking Singapore to advance my career.

Since arriving in Singapore, to allow my English-speaking clients to recall my name easily, I’ve changed my name from Ah Qu (阿曲) to Apple Qu (苹果曲). During my stay in Singapore, I have earned some and lost some. As a metropolitan city, Singapore is a melting pot of all kinds of culture and race.


  People from all over the world, including; US, Europe, Africa, and even Iceland have became my clients. Therefore, my constant interaction and working with skin on a wide variety of clients have further developed and advanced my technical skills in tattooing. Indeed, because of my long list of clients in Singapore, I have been fortunate to have rubbed shoulders with both the rich and royal.


Some of my celebrated clients include; Guinness World Record holder Guinness Rishi (India), Australian Singer Sam Moran, Australian Specialty Performers “Strange Fruits”, BBC Asia Chief Editor Melanie M (Canada),Mitsubishi Indonesia Director Mr.Mohd, household member of the Italian Embassy in Singapore, household member of the German Embassy in Singapore , and many others.  
  Since 2014, I have joined forces with my husband to form Memory Lane Tattoo Studio. Our brand new studio is located right in the heart of Singapore, offering a cozy and fun ambiance to getting quality body art!

This website will continue to be used as a looking glass to showcase my past work, videos, photos, etc.

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