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Apple Qu – The PhoenixChina & Singapore's Leading Female Tattoo Artist. Apple Qu provides the best body art and design services with leading brands and quality workmanship.


Apple has been tattooing for over 10 years and is rated as the Best Tattoo Artist in Singapore! Through her years of hard work and dedication, she has earned herself the nickname of “The Phoenix” – because of her continuous breakthrough in fine arts and artistic techniques used in her trademarked style of tattooing. Her seminal work is in her abilities in mixing traditional water color paintings into tattoo art with a unique combination of either colorful symphony or traditional grey work.

Her strong work ethics has won her many fans from all over the world, from China to Britain, USA to Europe, Netherlands to Vietnam! If you are looking for a one of a kind unique tattoo design, then Memory Lane Tattoo Studio is your place to be!


0AP_5765Apple Qu started her tattooing career in 2003; and she is now the chief artistic director at Memory Lane Tattoo Studio.

Apple was born in Hunan, China in her family’s orchard and migrated to Singapore in 2009.

Apple has had a beautiful childhood growing up in her family’s orchard; she often spoke of the days when she chased farm animals with neighbouring kids and climbing up trees to pick cherries with her elder brother.

Her Shangri-la orchard had sort of kick-started her relentless pursuit in arts and artistic creation. But it was not the idyllic countryside scenery that inspired her; believe it or not, it was actually the destruction of the orchard!

In 1995, a great flood occurred in Hunan province; almost every house in Apple’s childhood village was destroyed or damaged by the raging water.

Till today she still has nightmares of neighbours and farm animals being taken away by the water, never to be seen again.

Once the flood retreated, the government ordered the survivors to pack up their homes and relocate to higher grounds. While her family was loading their belongings into the military trucks, Apple ran to her neighbour’s home and disappointingly saw only the pillars remain standing; all she could do was to collect some broken pieces of pottery left on the ground to remind her of her friends.

Soon Apple taught herself how to paint, mimicking the Chinese watercolour designs on the broken pieces of pottery, and then she bought painting reference books to improve her skills to paint her beloved orchard and the days she spent there.

Day by day as she painted, her love for fine arts grew and she dreamed of becoming an artist one day. At age 17, against her parents’ will, Apple enrolled herself in an arts college in a neighbouring town. Her college days were really a struggle for her as she had to support herself by working at an oil painting workshop in her home town before and after school. Few months after working in the oil painting workshop, her kindhearted employer recommended her to pick up tattooing as she could barely earn enough to survive.

Back then tattooing was a “new thing” in most parts of China and anyone wanting to learn tattooing needed to pay a huge sum of money.

Apple managed to locate only one tattoo shop in a small town half a day’s motorcycle ride from her home, armed with almost no money in her pocket, Apple plotted to go to the tattoo shop to get a tattoo and secretly learn the tattooing process. She purposely went during a busy weekend so that she could wait in line and watch the tattoo process for hours. When she returned home she got a friend to help her buy a set of used tattoo machine and some tattoo supply from a neighbouring province to start practicing.

She began experimenting on fruits, and when she got better she tattooed herself, then she progressed to tattooing her friends and started making money by tattooing simple designs like words and small tribal tattoos to support herself through college. After college, Apple begin travelling as a junior tattooist in tattoo studios throughout China, working along and learning from experienced artists, slowly sharpening her skills and exploring her own style of tattooing.

Many years into working as a travelling tattoo artist, she was head-hunted to work in tattoo school in Guangzhou province, conducting art lessons and training students in tattooing。

in 2009, Apple was invited to bring her tattooing skills into Singapore and together with her Singaporean business partner, established one of the nation’s leading tattoo studios.

Apple’s tattooing skills and customer service made her a splashing success in Singapore. Her popularity grew as days went by; making her one of the most sought after tattoo artist in Singapore; clients from far and wide flew in just to get a tattoo from her.

She is famous for her black & grey animal portraits, watercolour realistic flora and fauna tattooing, old skool tattoos, and she also helped lay the groundwork for Familiar Strangers Tattoo Studio’s unique style of Oriental Tattoos.

5 years into tattooing full-time at Familiar Strangers Tattoo Studio, Apple now feels that it is time for her to reinvent and further challenge herself in order to continuously mature in her arts and skills as a celebrated tattoo artist.

Today, Apple and her husband manages Singapore’s first and only family own and operated tattoo studio pioneering the nation’s first studio that offer clients a cozy and relaxed atmosphere in which to enjoy art and get inked by the best of the best!

One year into launching Memory Lane, we have won numerous media interviews, been hosted on both radio and television programmes and awarded numerous accolades. Thus further cementing Apple’s reputation as the leading Female Tattoo Artist of our generation.

Apple is considered the quintessential “Phoenix” of tattooing, as she is constantly re-inventing herself in tattooing and not fearful of adversities or any hardship in order to pursue her dreams.



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